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What's your random personality?

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A pineapple, a tennis racket and a tortoise. At Rowntree’s®, we love randomness – so much so we even have our own Randoms® sweets!

But have you ever wondered what your random personality is? Do you consider yourself a spontaneous and wild individual who is more random than a dog riding a bicycle? Or, are you more of a down-to-earth person who still loves the random things in life but also knows how to kick back and chill?

Find out your true random personality by taking our random quiz!

ROWNTREE'S Randoms Sweets Sharing Bag 150g

Rowntree's® Randoms® Sharing Bag 150g

More random than a monkey playing a saxophone!

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ROWNTREE'S Randoms Juicers Sweets Sharing Bag 140g

Rowntree's® Randoms® Juicers Sharing Bag 140g

Liquid Filled Awesomeness!

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Rowntree's Randoms Squidgy Swirls Sweets Sharing Bag 130g

Rowntree's® Randoms® Squidgy Swirls Sweets Sharing Bag 130g

Like a fluffy pillow for your mouth!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How likely is it to get the same bag of Randoms twice?  

    There are billions of possible combinations! To be precise there is a 1 in a 37,724,985,567,360,000 chance of getting the same bag twice.

  2. What types of Randoms® sweets are there in the Rowntree’s® Randoms® bag?  

    In our Rowntree’s® Randoms® 50g and 150g bags, there are jelly sweets, jelly with foam sweets, liquid filled sweets and foamy sweets with lots of different ‘Random’ shapes.

  3. What flavours are there in Rowntree’s® Randoms®?  

    Cherry, raspberry, orange, blackcurrant, apple and the foamy sweets are biscuit & ice-cream flavoured.

  4. What are the new additions to the Rowntree’s® Randoms® family?  

    Rowntree’s® Randoms® Sours, Rowntree’s® Randoms® Squish’ems and Rowntree’s® Randoms® Foamies are our new additions! Find out more about the Randoms range.

  5. Where can I find Rowntree’s® Randoms® on social media?  

    Rowntree’s® Randoms® is in the Rowntree’s® family so we feature on Rowntree’s® Social Media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  6. Are Rowntree’s® Randoms® sweets suitable for Vegetarians or Vegans?  

    Rowntree’s® Randoms® products are not suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

  7. Does Rowntree’s® Randoms® contain gluten?  

    Rowntree’s® Randoms® products do not contain gluten, therefore all Rowntree’s® Randoms® products are suitable for the gluten intolerance diet.

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